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Anime & Game OST

This section contains some music from various cds I have. I'm sorry for the lack of structure  and general mess on the page. The idea was to put the most interesting (imo) parts ahead and the rest on the following pages. At the moment this page features Sakura Taisen songs and two more pages are dedicated to piano recordings which I make myself. I'm also worried about copyright protection so it is necessary to say that  public distribution for free is a violation of law. Please, buy the discs if you like the music. You can notice that some songs come along with lyrics and translation. Originally I intended to translate every single song featured on the site but it turned out to be very time-consuming. So please bear with me, but I'll do my best in presenting translation for chosen songs.

I intend to put the lyrics to the OST I have. For now it includes



The Sakura Wars tracklist contains the following.

Songs are available along with translated lyrics

Disc 3

Happy happy day, happy happy Xmas

Disc 7

花組 レビュー

サクラ大戦2~君、死にたもうことなかれ~ 歌謡全集

st2_kayou_zenshuu.jpg (267095 bytes)  

st2_tracklist.jpg (660006 bytes)

The cover picture and the tracklist are above

Unfortunately, it turned out I cant put the album in one file, you'll have to download it one by one (or use download software to grab the list of files).

1. 撃!帝国華撃団


3. 生きてる喜び

4. 春が来る


6. 愛しのジャンポール

7. 絶対運命のタンゴ



10. 都の花

11. もしも

12. イカルスの星

13. 奇跡の鐘 (aka Miracle Bell)

14. 夢のつづき

サクラ大戦V ~さらば愛しき人よ~ ボーカルコレクション 紐育歌謡全集

One of the recent soundtracks for Sakura Taisen 5, this time it's a vocal collection as the Japanese name indicates.

st5_cd.jpg (984277 bytes)  

st5_tracks.jpg (1768186 bytes)









9.Kiss me sweet

10.   Kiss me sweet (original karaoke)


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