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The ever growing music section now features Galaxy Angel character song CD. This time it's Mint Blancmanche. I mainly bought this disc because I like very much the title song, Telepath TV. It can also be found on a compilation disc called "二番煎じ" but nowhere else other than that. This mini-album also features a very funny drama part (track 4) which brings some light as to what these  ears of Mint are about.


Galaxy Angel キャラクターファイル 03 ミント・ブラマンシュ 



1. テレパス・TV!

2. セレナーデ

3. in my heart (クラブ・リミックス)

4. ミニドラマ 「ミントの耳はなんの耳?」


And please remember that the files are for preview purposes only. If you like the songs, do buy a CD.




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