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Fortune Arterial

This game is gaining an increasing popularity even though it hasn't been released yet and has all the chances to become as well known as Da Capo or Shuffle!. Wikipedia knows a lot so you can read a bit there.

Personally I played the preview version which was a 4 day struggle with kanji and the dictionary. Actually it does have some interesting features beside that and fortunately it has a humorous approach. The strong point is undoubtedly a very cute character design. What I don't quite appreciate is that the story is rather predictable. Once the surprise effect wears off it is basically clear how things are going to turn out. Anyways I sort of feel like playing the full version.

This time I'd like to present the feature article from Gsmagazine, issue #1,2008.

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S0 basically the official site can be found here - http://august-soft.com/fa/index.html.

I'm also putting this constant link at this page to make it easily accessible.


You may already know from my current news page that it was once a translation project where I put quite a lot of effort in translation some portions of the text. But as it usually happens, a quick start doesn't mean you'll have the same bright conclusion. The project is dead for the most part but what was done is still impressive if you ask me. You actually can play through the whole demo-version of the game with most of the text carefully translated for you into English.

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