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Sakura Taisen


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サクラ大戦 巴里前夜 (vol. 1)

Earlier I bought volume #2 and decided to have both in my collection.


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This is sheet music for piano. The book is very thick, more than 330 pages, and it contains arrangements for songs from Sakura Taisen 1-4 (1996-2002) along with lyrics. The back of the book is on the left, if you're interested to know. One of the peculiarities is that the vocal part is separated from the piano accompaniment. Some of the compositions are easy to play while others put me into shock like in case of なやましマンボ. Also there are no arrangements for background music from the games.

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サクラ大戦 3 巴里は燃えているか 原画 & 設定資料集

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A fantastic art book on ST3 game. Its full of kawaii pictures and beside that there are interviews with the developers and voice actors. Ppl who have this book already scanned the best pictures from it. See the ST section on minitokyo

サクラ大戦巴里前夜 〈 2 〉

Its a book in japanese that deals with Hanabi and Lobelia. Seems like a prequel to the game.


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 サクラ大戦 漫画版 1 (1)

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Apparently this is a manga adaption of the first ST game. Released in 2003 it provides new scenes and details so as to make in interesting for those who have played the original game. By the way the drawings are very cute.

サクラ大戦V ~さらば愛しき人よ~ ボーカルコレクション 紐育歌謡全集

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 Another ST title and this is a song cd. The disc is apparently a step back from all the previous works containing just 10 tracks among which the ending song is presented in 2 versions and Gemini's character song サムライ魂 had already appeared in ST V ep0 and on the soundtrack of the game. Still you have a great opportunity to estimate the quality of the disc yourself as its mp3 version in decent quality is available for free on my site. Enjoy

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