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Hello, everyone. We're past the St.Valentine's Day and I still have health issues. But this time I stop by to express my gratitude to everyone who keeps visiting this page despite the total lack of updates. Thank you for your interest in this little project.

I noticed that the music I uploaded here draws particular attention. I'd like to assure you that the section will be expanded further. I have a long list of things to buy, so I'm sure we'll find means to improve this site. I hope my condition improves and then we can deal with all the plans of a total site update.

Best of luck. Have a happy weekend!


Hello. I've just updated the music section and I'm working on the manga part. The music section now features the mp3 version of the OST for Really?Really! game with scans and the manga section will include the scans of the goods I got back in November 2008.

I must say that I got health issues, more exactly problems with my eyesight, so for the moment I have to avoid excessive use of my PC. That is, my lovely site will be on its own for quite some time. And I can't even say when I'm back to normal again.


Happy New Year!


It'll be my forth year with you and I'd like to express my gratitude to the ever-growing community and wish everyone happiness and success in life. I think that at least for this day it's worth a try to put all the worries aside. I'll try to do exactly that. But, mind it, the update of the site is being worked on, and it'll be uploaded sooner or later, no matter what. Unfortunately, the technical part is always a bother but at the moment I can't seem to come up with a more advanced solution. Despite anything, I'm always glad to get my hands on the site update to keep it alive. After all, it's the only place you can find my rumbling in large quantities.

By the way, today I let myself take a drink (a very small amount), and nothing bad happened. So I guess you're safe to try yourself. Cheers!


Assuming the time difference, Merry Christmas, everyone. We're approaching the New Year holidays and I hope we all, you and me, will manage to finish our projects. I'll be back with you in a week.


Number one, number one, number one... Ok, I have to keep up with the schedule and find time to update the site as well. Even Kipi, with her super busy schedules has just emerged and finds time to put updates in her blog.

I'd like to announce that I got a package from Hong Kong recently, which contained the following:

- 乃木坂春香の秘密 こすぷれ、はじめました
- 零~紅い蝶~ 

I've made various scans and photos and they look quite nice for uploading them. However, the update will require expanding manga and music sections as well as adding new options to the menu bar. Apparently, that'll require quite some time, but I'll try my best to make the necessary arrangements in the near future. Please, stay tuned for more updates.


Hello and a Happy Halloween to everyone!

It seems I haven't been around at my own site for a very long while. Well, there are reasons for that. The last year in the graduate school is very important and for the last two months I was dedicating 14 hours a day for studies.  Obviously, this way you simply can't find time for anything else, including Japanese and hobbies.

Still, the new anime season is in full swing and I try to follow a few shows, if only with huge delays on episodes. Clannad is outstanding without a doubt, and Kannagi was a great discovery. I see it as something extraordinary.

As such, the list of shows I picked up looks like this:

- CLANNAD ~After Story~

- とらドラ!

- かんなぎ 

- あかね色に染まる坂  


Once again, thank you very much for checking the site despite the situation and a complete lack of updates. 




Indeed, the new PC proves to be very helpful. I finally managed to update the manga and music sections. So the major update of this summer can be considered complete. However I wanted to point out that I also have numerous texts on the topic of もえたん, おれつば, and 乃木坂春香の秘密. I'll make sure to add new pages as soon as I'm able to.

Also, last weekend we had Grand Prix of Spain. I managed to watch the qualification partially, and I'll have to find a recording of Sunday broadcast. The track looked awesome. It is simply outstanding.


Hello. I'm happy to announce that I got a laptop PC which is supposed to help me work more efficiently. I tried to find the model which would best suit my needs and chose a Sony VAIO, more specifically, VGN-FW11ER. Please check this link for more details. The bad thing is that it further delayed my work on the update as I have to install the necessary software and move files to the new computer. For me, however, it'd would be much more convenient to work using a faster machine so you'll have to bear with me. Sorry for all the delays and thanks for your support. Please stay tuned for the latest news from me.


I'm still preparing the update. At the moment I'm working on the layout, adding new pages.

One of the things I spend my time on is the Olympic games in Beijing. The opening ceremony started on August 8, exactly at 08:08. The competitions are in full swing. Some of the broadcasts are very interesting to watch. Unfortunately most of the broadcasts are in the morning when I'm sound asleep. However I try to catch those at night, that is the competitions taking place early in the morning, local time.


Oh, it looks like yet another month has passed. I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates but honestly I just can't keep up with the schedule. I almost stopped following various sporting events including racing. I've missed as least 3 F1 stages to the moment. To add to that, the summer anime shows are on air and I have virtually no time for them. However, it happens so that I got addicted to a very nice and very cute anime called 乃木坂春香の秘密 (aka The Secret of Nogizaka Haruka). In fact recently I got in touch with the boss of AS-fansubs (http://fansubs.anime-share.net/) and I was kindly asked to help with translation. I prepared the script for two episodes but that took me enormous amount of time and effort that I could spend on something else. I'm very satisfied with the result however. Actually nobody minds if I continue translation but at this moment my thesis is bothering me to a great extent.

Still, despite the difficulties I plan to finish preparing the update I was talking about a month ago. I've already made most of the scans I planned to upload. The plans include introducing several new pages, a music update and a few other things. Stay tuned and thank you for the interest in my little project.


Hello and I'm back with more updates. Today I made recordings of a few piano pieces and I'm going to add them the the collection. The sound quality is pretty low but I did my best with performance. Of course it's miles behind the professional level but I'm quite satisfied with the result.

Meanwhile I've received a package from the US which contains books on insurance and some Japanese phrasebooks. Another package from Japan with purely Japanese stuff is on the way to Moscow. I will be sure to make appropriate notes on this page regarding my recent shopping.

Also I've played a bit of 俺たちに翼はない~Prelude~, a preview version of the new game from Navel. My thoughts on this and information will be added later and most likely put under Navel/Lime section. Of course it would be preferable to open a new page but that would mean updating the navigation bar which is sort of troublesome at the moment. Please bear with me.

Getting back to the music, you can find the new pieces I spoke about under music section, page 3 and page 4.



Hello, everyone. The Russian football team has finally lost. Meanwhile I passed all the exams necessary and now I've asked my scientific advisor to to give me a break. No further questions were asked.

It appears I have some sort of vacations at the moment. I'll try to make a worthwhile update to the site when I'm able to. Today I was doing housework after a long while. Threw away 20 bags worth of trash. The room looks much cleaner now. Also, I have plans for some online shopping, and I came  by some interesting items at amazon.jp. Stay tuned for more updates. I can see there are quite a number of people who are interested in my small otaku project and I'm grateful to everyone who keeps stopping by no matter how rare my updates can be. Thanks again for your continuous support.


It's summer time! By the way, today is Friday, 13th but nothing extraordinary happens, obviously. This weekend we have 24 hours of Le Mans (24 heures du Mans). Meanwhile in WRC the stage in Greece was notable for the introduction of the new version of Subaru Impreza. New new model is designed to be faster and more reliable but not quite as stylish as the previous car, to my taste. Still, the result for P.Solberg is very impressive, the 2nd place right after S.Loeb.

I'm still short on time preparing for my second exam. I'll be back with you after June, 26th.


Poor site, my poor site. I dropped out of schedule for about a month. In fact I was preparing thoroughly for my exam on economics. I passed it with top grade. Meanwhile we had a lot of things going on around here. Lately it's not as easy to get new anime releases as it's used to be. We had rally Italy. May 25 was a big day. We had Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500 and the finals for Japan Volkswagen Open. May 25 is the Towel Day. It's the day DaCapo2 and Kimikiss were released on. By the day, it was the 2nd anniversary for these games. As I recall now I got my parcel with Kimikiss 2 weeks after its release. It was the day I defended my graduation paper. Time flies indeed. Now I have even more challenges ahead. I'm scared to even think of it. Well, we'll see pretty soon anyway. I hope I can find a few minutes to update this page as well.


Before one knows it's already May! And we got Golden Week starting from April 29. Actually, the Japanese people got. But still, congratulations, everyone.

Meanwhile for the past weeks we had the second stage of DTM, Rally Jordan and the second stage of LeMans series, which took place in Monza, the famous racing track.

I personally hardly have spare time and I'm forced to put aside my Japanese studies because I have to prepare for exams in the uni. Actually there's still a month ahead but I've got to learn by heart 4 textbooks and I'm only halfway through.

Also, if you're interested in the person named Kipi, that is Kipi-san, I'd like to say that she's back with her blog, seems to be doing pretty fine. http://still.kipi.lomo.jp/.

You can pretty well notice that I'm not very active lately but I'd like to thank you for your interest in my site. Stay tuned.


Hello. We're now deep into spring season. TV program for the latest anime series can be found here: http://www.anitsu.co.jp/newanime/newanimetop.html.

For now I picked up D.C.II S.S. and To LOVEる. Speaking of Da Capo I've also prepared fansubs for the first episode. Depending on the difficulty of the following episodes I may try to continue translating. Beside this, we've got the first stage of DTM this weekend. B.Schneider who was also participating in Champions league is back. We're missing Hakkinen this year but another former F1 driver takes his place, it's Ralf Schumi. All in all it sounds very intriguing.


So, we've lived as far as April, that's something. Meanwhile I'm preparing for the exams. So far things seem to be under control but judging by my past experience the schedule becomes very tough closer to deadline. Still I've managed to watch anime, namely true tears. The series seems to be worth watching though in my opinion the ending is a bit disappointing. キミキス anime is over and I've moved back to the game. It would be interesting to play it again now that I'm a bit better at Japanese. I also recommend new Idolm@ster albums, the authors have a very creative approach. There's supposed to be a set of Live for you! discs and Famison 8bit series.

Among other things I follow f1 season 2008 as well as WRC. Last weekend we had Grand Prix Malaysia and rally Argentina. I can't find time to watch them live but I intend to write an overview during summer break.

By the way I'm quite serious today despite the occasion. Perhaps there's a point to it, in Japan it's the first day of a new financial and school year after all.


Hello. Japan's on holiday today. Meanwhile it appears that the new F1 season has started with Grand Prix Australia. It's only that there's total mess with McDonalds aka McLaren which I need to read more about to understand. The only thing I did understand is that Mercedes team has over the top performance due to the new engine control system.


Hello. Today's Hinamatsuri. Also we're past winter and it went rather smoothly for me. I stayed home most of the time. Actually the weather was mild with only a few weeks of 10 degrees below zero. It is unusually warm for the place where I live if you get my meaning.

Ok, best wishes, everyone. Take care.


Today the Idolm@ster Live for You! is released. I take huge interest in the game so I decided to let you know. However I don't have an Xbox 360 so it goes past me. Now that I look at my records here it comes to the fact that I forgot to put a Valentine postcard. Sorry for that, it was all limited to personal messages and calls. Though if you're interested to know I sent a request for Valentine kiss song to a local radio and it was fulfilled.

Lately I dropped out of schedule for 5 days because I was preparing a translation from Japanese into English. In fact when I checked for news posts at animesuki.com we moved to discussing Fortune Arterial and it turned out a group of enthusiasts found strength to start a fan translation project. It's all here - http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Fortune_Arterial_Fan_Translation. I was kindly welcomed to participate but as for now my contribution makes up nothing more than two small sections.


Hello, everyone. Lately I've received feedback and comments concerning the site and I'd like to express my gratitude for the sound suggestions that help improve the site. For now I try to send personal replies as well. Unfortunately I don't plan huge updates in the near future because I have several projects at the same time. I have my thesis, exams are approaching and beside that I try to find at least a few hours a week for Japanese studies.

The racing season is gaining momentum. I plan to continue writing reports of sporting events that I happen to watch. As of now I keep in mind writing about Daytona 500, Rally Monte Carlo and Rally Sweden. By the way I can't help but point out that it's really warm in Florida now while here we have something between 10 and 5 degrees below zero.


Hello. Thanks to atseiS-san from Minitokyo I'm happy to open up the second page of the wallpaper section. Also after tests it turned out the music page got broken links. I'm working on the problem and intend to provide alternative links as soon as possible.



Happy New Year!

I'd like to thank everyone who visits my site for your continuous support last year. I hope to find spare time to keep improving this site so as to make it more interesting and informative. I'm glad to know that many other people share my interest in Japanese language and culture that's why we still see this project alive. More updates are on the way, hope to see you again.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 


Hello. I finished preparing the update in general. Now we have new pages and links working. The only thing that need more time is the main menu which has been expanded and requires necessary changes to the set of pages. However the most part of new materials is concentrated on this page. Various corresponding links will help you navigate through the site. Hope you enjoy it.


Hi, everyone. Thanks for your patience. So we're past Christmas heading toward celebrating the New Year. I'm happy to announce that both of my packages have arrived safely, nothing was smashed in the process. I'm beginning to scan the materials, make photos and introduce corresponding pages on the site. In a few days my site will be fully updates, also expect new additions to the music section.


So what's in the box this time:

- スーパーデザイン年賀状

- コンプティーク 2007年 12月号

- Megami MAGAZINE (メガミマガジン) 2008年 01月号

- 電撃G'smagazine (デンゲキジーズマガジン) 2008年 01月号

- TECH GIAN (テックジャイアン) 2008年 01月号

- ツバサ―RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, vol. 19 to 21

- 檄!帝国華撃団全集


- 日本の美 フィルム 2008年カレンダー

And some other things.


The overview of the package can be found on the dedicated page and other sections. For example both discs are supposed to be converted to mp3 and uploaded to a file storage server while various scans from the magazines will most likely be added to the wallpaper collection.


Hello. I've contacted DHL and they asked me to present my id documents promising to settle the issue in one day. I hope they will. Meanwhile I finished uploading the scans you're more than welcome to check them here and here.



My lovely package is held for customs clearance so I can only hope to get it before the New Year or else I'll be forced to wait for 10 more days and the holiday will be spoiled. Meanwhile I took trouble to scan the whole book on kimikiss which came as a bonus to Tech Gian magazine, issue #7, 2006. Uploading will take a while. Stay tuned.


Hello. It's me again and I continue the trend of small and occasional updates. This time however I'm more determined to put some fresh strokes on the site because we're moving toward Christmas and New Year holidays. Assuming this I was quick to order some interesting stuff from Japan and today I've been making various arrangements such as reserving new pages and putting old stuff into archive. Added a few new anime titles  in the navigation bar. I'm also working on the music and kimikiss sections. I bothered to type in something that would be the last update for the 2007 motorsport season. Do take a look when you have time. Apart from that I strongly recommend to stay tuned and read the review of my shopping activities once I get my hands on the package.


Hello. I've been absent from around here for more than a month, sorry for that. The site seems pretty much dead, nothing is really updated here. It is that I'm very busy at the uni, closer to winter holidays I'd have more time to get my hands on various sections from the set. For now I slightly updated the racing page, you'll have to do with just that. Once again, thank you, everyone who's checking my page.


Updated the wallpaper section by adding a new version of my shuffle! wallie. This version is now also available for view and feedback at minitokyo.net.

Among other things, I finally managed to watch Galaxy Angel Rune. Being more of a comedy type, for me it was one of the best shows so far. I can say it's plain awesome. It's just plain fun without any philosophy, sophisticated logic and a bunch of bothering things that the authors love to use in their works. Sometimes it is necessary to bring some complicated matters into view but when you are tired of constant thinking process such shows really save the day.


Hello. It's hard to believe but I'm still alive. More than that, I've got a birthday. It appears I grow excessively old, I'm 23 now. So far the thesis was the main point I put my effort into. Apart from that I picked up quite a number of new anime shows. I'll present an updated list of anime to watch, in order of weekly  broadcast.


- D.C.II ~ダ・カーポII~

- BLUE DROP ~天使達の戯曲~

- Myself;Yourself

- もっけ

- CLANNAD -クラナド-

- 灼眼のシャナII

- ef - a tale of memories.

- キミキス pure rouge

- プリズム・アーク

- みなみけ


Also in the past weekend I watched the broadcast of the 10th stage of DTM 2007 season which was the last one. I'm actually glad I didn't miss anything important while I skipped almost the whole season. The champion is Ekstrom the second time around. Spengler from Mercedes team was pretty close but he failed.


So, most of the shows I've been watching so far had their last episode broadcast. The one currently on air is ひぐらしのなく頃に解.

The majority of the shows in the new season start next week but the first one in the pack is already on air. It's D.C.II ~ダ・カーポII~. The first episode is called 「小さな恋の季節」. I'll try to watch it in the near future.


Hello. Surprisingly I'm still alive though my site seem to be dead. If you're wondering as to why there are no updates from me it's because I'm lazy. Well I'm working on my thesis at the moment and I dedicate several hours a day to it. Other than that I watch anime in large amounts instead of writing here. I stopped watching motor sports, including WRC, F1 and DTM. This weekend was an exception. I managed to watch both qualification and speed race, though only partially. More information can be found in the racing section.

Speaking of anime, らき☆すた is over now, totaling 24 episodes. Now you have a chance to watch them in one pack, its worth it. I'm looking forward to the new season but at the moment there are still several series currently on air including School Days, もえたん, ドージンワークand iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia (see below) I also intend to watch Galaxy Angel Rune and Nana which I missed.


It happens so that it's autumn now and the summer is gone. I got a few spare minutes so I'm rushing to make an update. In fact I got a package from the US with a few books, mostly for business. See page 3 under manga section or click here.

The books are the following:

- Plunkett's Insurance Industry Almanac 2007

- Kodansha's Furigana Japanese Dictionary

- Anything Book, Classic Exec Series: Black

- Handstiched Book of Kells Lined Quoniam


On the whole I seemed to be pretty busy this summer. For one, I wasted enormous amount of time browsing the net and downloading stuff. It appears that I managed to download around 200 gigabytes worth of data. I did spend some time learning Japanese in July and August. But honestly that was around one or two hours a day and last year I dedicated to Japanese studies a lot more time. I'd rather not discuss the issue with my studies, it's quite complicated.

Apart from studies 3 managed to watch 3 complete series. First, I finished watching Strawberry panic!, then I watched the 1st season of Higurashi no naku koro ni and Shuffle! that I missed last year. Of course I keep on watching the series that are currently on air in Japan.


Hello. I'm back to studies you know. Even without them I had little free time this summer. ON Sunday I managed to watch another broadcast of IndyCar, it was interesting. On the whole at the moment I find it very difficult to work on my thesis and at the same time type in my thoughts here. So let's decide that I put aside regular updates and concentrate on my studies.


Hello, everyone. I have awesome news for you. You probably know that I like to hang around MT (minitokyo.net). Since my penpals tend to make wallpapers occasionally and I haven't done a thing in years I grew more and more obsessed with the idea to make a wallie of my own. The only problem was that I'm terrible at photoshop but at some point I asked a fellow forum visitor if he was good at making wallpapers. He kindly agreed to make an extraction which is usually one of the most difficult parts. Kaede-chan from Shuffle! game and anime series was chosen to be a feature girl. The overall concept is what one would usually expect from me (see for example "Etna with a shotgun' wallie), it's full of sick humor and you can appreciate it right now if you check the wallpaper section which is gonna be updated on the occasion. I also promised to share a link to Sabre-kun's site, that's the nickname of wallpaper maker. Here it is http://sabre.ucoz.ru.


Hello. For now I have vacations and generally not much to talk about. 『サクラ大戦』第5期OVAシリーズ「ニューヨーク・紐育」volume 3 was released on August 1. I'm going to watch it. Beside that I got a new mobile phone as a present. I have always used Nokia cell phones but this time it's a Sony Ericsson s500i. My Nokia 7250 was in poor condition. Apparently IR receiver stopped functioning and besides there are some problems with display backlight. The new phone comes in handy.

As you probably heard a concert called 涼宮ハルヒの激奏 was released on 2 double layer DVDs in box on July 27. I highly recommend taking a look at it.

After a break the sporting events are back with us. Speaking of F1 I missed the broadcast. It seems there's nothing extraordinary happening. Hamilton is on a winning spree. On the contrary the latest IndyCar event was something awesome. All the pilots were competing very hard for high positions. Unfortunately extremely high speeds ultimately led to a severe crash involving 6 cars. The leading car was sent flying. I thought that Franchitti was gonna die but thanks goodness he was ok in the end. Please refer to this page for more info.


Hello. Once again I was absent for quite some time. Anyways I'm doing fine. I don't have news that would be all that important and besides many people have vacations at the moment so I didn't feel like writing either. Among the latest additions to my anime collection I can name:

- Shuffle!

I kind of missed it when it was broadcast back in 2005-6. I also have the game but the anime is also quite enjoyable. It is funny and it creates the sort of light-hearted atmosphere that I appreciate a lot.

- ひぐらしのなく頃に

I also missed this series and it was on air in 2006. Based on the game of the same name this anime is of mystery/horror type. It keeps you stuck to the tv screen but it is also very violent on the occasion. In fact I'd rather watch something nice and cute but a lot of people watched it so it was impossible for me to miss the show. It's like watching The Sopranos. You may dislike it but it's made with creativity.  Speaking of the anime the second season has just started and the series is broadcast on Japanese tv.

Beside that I highly recommend watching らき☆すた if you haven't started yet.

The latest titles I have interest in include:

- School Days

- もえたん

- ドージンワーク

- iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia


Also I wanted to point out that in July there were hardly any sporting events beside Moto GP so I didn't make any updates in the racing section.


Hello. I was absent from some time but no worries, I'm doing great. Today I prepared music updates for you to listen to. In total I made 3 recordings, namely 



These two are BGM pieces that you  occasionally hear in らき☆すた anime.

The 3rd recording is an advanced version of Shuffle or Boogie from FFVIII game. No matter how many times you listened to it this one is a very creative interpretation which was new for me.  I came across these piano scores when I was browsing the net.

All this stuff is located here.


Apart from that I got a disk with a collection of endings from Lucky Star. Its full title is


The karaoke versions are all full of funny comments from Konata. I highly recommend this disk to anyone who is interested in Lucky Star. 


You know what.
I got another package today. this time it is from Hong Kong.
What's inside the box:

-Final Fantasy XII
-サクラ大戦V EPISODE 0~荒野のサムライ娘~

-THE お姉チャンポン~THE姉チャン2特別編~

FF12 was released back in 2006 but last year was like hell for me and I couldn't spend any time in front of my tv. Well, I also had kingdom hearts and Kimikiss and it was all piled on the shelf.
Now if I ever find free time I'll take a look at what i bought.
You know I've been collecting ff games starting from number seven (so now I've got 7,8,9,10,10-2 and 12), I couldn't ignore the new one.

I think to put pictures under the same section as all the other scans and photos of items I buy.



Uploaded a raw version of page aka package overview see below. Also at the moment I don't have time to put links to it from other manga pages.


Hello! I have great news for you. Hurry up and take a look at the latest update. Finally I came up with photos and scans of the package I received almost 2 weeks ago. It's all here.



At last I say goodbye to philosophy of science which bothered me greatly these months. As you can assume I got the highest grade for my answer and I'm very happy about it. With all respect to the professors from the chair but I find the subject extremely dull. The level of abstraction goes beyond comprehension. The textbooks I had to read look like this. I hardly slept today but I'm planning to make the update I talked so much about  as soon as I feel ok.



Typed in new info in the racing section.



Fixed character display problem by changing the encoding.



This weekend I managed to watch a part of live broadcast from Le Mans where the famous endurance race is held every year. In fact I found it quite interesting. That day F-1 USA took place later on but I ignored it. However, I got a recording so I might consider watching it later. Reports of both events will be added in the racing section.

Now, today I got a package from Amazon.co.jp with STUFF. Actually I was trying to spend on it as little money as possible so the number of items is rather limited.


Here is what I got or "what's in the box?"thing:


- ツバサ 18 豪華版―RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 

- コンプセレクションズ Vol.3 まるごと1冊D.C.II SpringCelebration
- (ダ・カーポ2スプリングセレブレーション) 大特集 !

- コンプティーク 2007年 06月号 [雑誌]

- コンプティーク 2007年 07月号 [雑誌]

- 電撃G'smagazine (デンゲキジーズマガジン) 2007年 07月号 [雑誌] 

- To Heart2~colorful note 1



Now that I got a new layout I have to fix some errors on the pages and add  missing materials. Besides last weekend there were some sporting events that I'd like to talk about. See racing section as usual for more detailed review.



I added a new page about Sakura Taisen OVA 5: New York in the anime section. The latest anime develops the plot of the game and I think you should take a look at that. There will be 6 episodes in total, 4 of them have already been released.


Hello. You see we have some major update here. Orpheuz-san was very kind to make new and very stylish design and I'm very grateful to him for that. In fact I keep wondering how he manages to find free time to design a site for somebody he hardly knows. I can see a completely new approach to making a site as I find technical solutions that I would never think of. I hope that from my part I'll manage to provide interesting contents which will make my page even better. Unfortunately I have to prepare for an exam on philosophy so I'll be very busy till the end of June. Anyways, stay tuned for more updates. Recently there have been some sporting events I wanted to mention. I think I'll write a few lines about them in the racing section.


Today I watched partially the broadcast of F1 Grand Prix Monaco. I found it rather boring to be honest. Mercedes rocks again while Ferrari with both Felipe and Kimi are not performing very good though both earned points today. Overall I didn't see any struggle for positions besides the comments in Russian were quite lame. I think I should download a recording with comments from some professionals.


I'm happy to announce that I've passed my English exam, got an exc. mark as usual. I'm working on a new background which is supposed to express the idea of summer. I hope I'll be able to present it soon.


It is still warm outside. Meanwhile I was practicing playing the piano. I made a recording of Shuffle or Boogie from FFVIII. Please check the music section for the update.


Hi, everyone! Sorry for being absent for quite some time. I've been working on my thesis. Also I'll take English exam on May 25. While I still remember something it is always advisable to revise professional terminology. Meantime I missed the latest F1 Grand Prix but I know the results. Those who are supporting Kimi are going to be disappointed. You can find more information in the corresponding section of the site.
Speaking of weather today it's very warm. I think it's the the first really warm day this spring.


A number of sporting events took place last weekend, namely:

  • Moto GP
  • FIA GT
  • LMS
  • DTM

and some others. I'll add reports in the racing section if I find free time, chances are very small. Also moved older news to archives.


So I had the opportunity to watch both the 3rd race in Moto GP and the first stage of DTM series. The comments can be read in the racing section. By the way unlike here it's very warm in Germany now.


Now that the broadcast of Kanon 2006 has ended I switched to the new series from Kyoani, it's Lucky Star. The manga is serialized in Comptiq magazine that I happen to buy occasionally. So far I like it a lot. There are references to Suzuharu and Shuffle. Besides Konata rocks as does her seiyuu, Aya-chan. In the second episode she was reading issue #6, 2006. Now that I'm watching the new series I'll update my anime section.


Ok now I have to think about racing section again. You see, a lot of major event will take or have already taken place, namely Grand Prix Malaysia, GP Bahrain, Rally Portugal. Also the 2007 season of Le Mans series starts this weekend. It may take a while till you can read about all the races but be sure to check the corresponding page. Beside this I must tell you that the weather isn't quite going to get warm so the background remains winter-styled.


Hello everyone!
So what have i been doing this far?
First I had to prepare a report on a topic of philosophy of science. This done. Next I had to sit in front of my pc for hours for the last few days. I need to write an article for publication in a scientific article. The topic is related to my research work. I finished it today but i'm sure my professor will have comments and will ask me to improve it. Also i have exams ahead.
I had certain problems with my Win Xp. Today I bought a new hard drive (i dont have money for a whole new pc) and reinstalled it. Now its all a bit inconvenient as I m forced to reinstall software and restore my custom option. this is gonna take a few hours. I’m downloading sp2 at the moment.
By the way, the weather here is terrible, do you know that? it is hardly above zero and it fully makes up for the warm march. A week ago it was 15 degrees above zero and now its snowing!


I'm late with an update but I want to announce that I've managed to watch the first Grand Prix in the 2007 season and I'm typing in the latest news. Check the racing page. Also it is quite warm outside, I might consider changing the background of the page. Sakura's in bloom I think that it won't last for more that a couple of weeks.


I'm more or less ok or at least alive. It is for you to know that F1 season 2007 starts this weekend. I'll try to watch the first grand-prix but due to time difference I doubt I can manage to watch it live. The race itself is broadcast at 5.55 Moscow time. Meanwhile there are quite a few alternatives to F1 races, including WRC, WTCC, Moto GP, Information about Rally Mexico can be found on the racing page.


I'm not changing the background. Here the weather is no better that an average winter in other places so why bother. Apart from this I finally came up with an update for my favorite racing section. It comes to the fact that the racing page is most updatable as other sections require some investment for creative approach. As you can guess one should constantly buy new stuff to be inspired to write. At the moment no such things are planned so the site doesn't look to be alive either.


Yet again 10 days have passed. You know it's spring time and it's around zero here which is a great progress compared to the previous week (see below). As such I'm about to change the background of the page.


It seems like ages since my last update here. Speaking of the news I'd like to say that I managed to get a copy of MS Office 2007. I must admit that it looks and works great but it is better fit for Windows Vista as its interface is designed to suit the new window style. Also my PC is too slow to run it smoothly. It appears I'll have to use the older version of MS Word and other applications. It figured I'll face this and kept my office xp package intact.
Also I have updated the racing section. The latest coverage refers to Rally Sweden and Norway.
I'd like to point out that I'll change the background to something more suitable for spring time. Still here in Russia it's still 20 degrees below zero outside and no signs of season change.


I'm supposed to add an overview of Rally Norway.


Windows Vista has been released. Now I need funds to upgrade my PC. My current one won't ever run it.
Updated anime page. Among the series I started watching GTO and Shuffle! Memories.


So I finally typed my thoughts regarding the first stage of WRC, the latest news are placed in the racing section.


I'm preparing an update for the racing section. While the major racing events are yet to come the new season is already gaining its momentum. For the last 2 weeks I've been watching TV prograns on each stage of Lisbon-Dakar rally marathon. Also the first stage of WRC 2007 season started on Jan. 17th. I'll also watch a TV program and write a report.


Long time no update. I've finished reading volume 15,16,17 of Tsubasa Chronicle. Additional scan can be found in the manga section. Also I'm studying again. We have philosophy as a subject and I'll have to take an exam this summer. Meanwhile I'm supposed to be busy with writing my thesis. It seems I have no time for fun, how bad.



Happy New Year, everyone!
I prepared a new postcard for this occasion


I got my package with the order I'd placed at amazon.jp earlier. In fact I should've uploaded an update as soon as I opened the package but due to busyness I'm always behind the schedule. Anyways I present to you the list of the stuff I found in the box:

  • ツバサ―Reservoir chronicle (vol. 15, 16, and 17)
  • 1 of: サクラ大戦巴里前夜 (vol. 1)
  • コンプセレクションズ 1冊まるごとReally ? Really ! 2006年 12月号 [雑誌]
  • みんなの日本語―初級2本冊
  • TECH GIAN (テックジャイアン) 2007年 02月号 [雑誌]

Scans and photos are supposed to be placed in the manga section. I gotta get busy with it. Stay tuned. Speaking of other additions, as you can see I've changed the background on the frontpage for the winter holidays.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone who's celebrating.
It's been almost a month since my last update. At the moment I'm expecting a package from Japan with new manga, magazines and a textbook. The only thing that is bothering me is that there's a high chance I don't get it before the New Year.


Starting from Dec. 1st I'm officially a graduate student. In this regard I updated info about myself on the corresponding page. Moved older news to archives.
I haven't checked キミキス page in quite a while. To my surprise I found it completely redesigned. More that that, a separate page is launched and it should become fully-functional in some  time. There are also regular publications regarding the game in Tech Gian magazine. According to the news we should expect bonuses in the upcoming issue #2/2007. It seems Enterbrain is not gonna throw away the brand name.


You know what? My site has been online for a year already. It's an event worth celebrating.
Updated racing section. WRC season 2006 is over soon, there's just one stage left. The champion is already known, it's S. Loeb again.


I've just scanned a poster featuring Saber from Fate/Stay night. Maybe you could take a look. In fact the poster has been around since summer, it's from Comptiq issue #6 but I couldn't make myself scan it earlier.


Hi, everyone. I'm here with the news. Actually the information has already become wide known around the net but I wanted to summarize it at my site as well.
Paypal accounts are now available in Russia but with significant restrictions. Payments work only in one direction, ie you can only send money and in no way can you receive it. Still that's great news because online shopping with paypal becomes much more convenient.
Also a well known online store Lik-sang was closed as the court of UK judged the sales of Japanese PSP in Europe were illegal. Sony corp brought a suit against the store last year. It's pretty sad news as I was a regular customer at the store.
Meanwhile, sales of PS3 started in Japan on Nov. 11, right on schedule. The list of games though is pretty small besides you can hardly buy the console cheaper than for $1000 at the moment if you're not in Japan. On the whole PS2 will do just fine for now.
By the way, I downloaded Shuffle!, an 'adventure game' from Navel published in 2004. Now I'm doing my best to understand tons of Japanese text there.


This weekend DTM season 2006 came to an end. I'm here with my latest summary. I decided to redesign the racing section and moved the whole overview of the racing series I kept track of in 2006 to the archives. As for this part there's nothing left to do until next spring but surely it'll be reasonable to read news and prospects for the year 2007 occasionally. For now please check this link


It's been a month since my last update. I was taking and passing exams and no time for leisure. From now on I'll do my best to add something new to the site. I'll start with racing page as usual. Also now that I've passed exams info about me is to be updated as well.
Ah, you know I had a birthday on Oct. 18 and Mary's was on Friday, 13. Now I'm 22.


Updated racing page. Today you could watch the 8th stage of DTM championship. Other races included the 5th stage of Le Mans Series and WTCC but I can only provide you with info about DTM because I can't possibly write about it all.
TGS 2006 is over now that it's already Sept 25th in Japan but you can still download and read tons of materials from Gamespot.


Tokyo Game Show expo center opens its doors in less than 8 hours. Gamespot is responsible for providing live broadcast starting from Sep 21, 6pm pdt.


Updated info about the latest F1 event. The race was pretty surprising as were the news that followed it. Please check the racing section.


It's the last day of summer, pretty sad, ne. 
And it looks like it started only a few days ago. For me last summer was much longer though I had plenty of things to do. I managed to learn Japanese much more effectively, additinally I read through 10 volumes of tsubasa manga, I could spend several hours browsing mt site, play the piano every day, watch a tv series and then play Sakura Taisen 3 till 5 a.m. 
So, what good did I managed to do this summer. Not much, honestly. I did some translations from vol 2 of my japanese textbook, units 23 to 30, the last one. Normally the thorough studies would require half a yeah to learn the material. I played Kimikisu a lot and then I switched to KH2. I did come up with some new stuff on my site, but that a very small part of what I had in mind. I did play the piaho if only a little. Lastly I started preparing for my autumn exams but then again the progress is small. Personally I think I could do much more useful things. 
Still, writing a paper which is needed to show you’re able to produce a research of a given problem takes time. I was busy with it in June and at the moment preparing for the text on philosophy is not easy either. On the whole summer is far better than any other season. At least you let yourself relax a bit unlike when you’re studying in the uni for real. I received a call from my sensei today, the studying stuff will begin pretty soon. 


Updated racing section. Also I suggest checking on キミキス page, there's a new cute wallie there.


Moved old news to the archives. Updated racing section as this weekend there's a DTM event.


Sorry for paying so little attention to my site. Keep updating different parts of the site doesn't seem as easy as it was before. Worked on manga section. Checked links there, some of them were broken. Actually it is only me who noticed because at the moment the site is not visited very often. Today I made myself into writing a few lines about the latest volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle as well as uploaded some scans. Again I didn't have enough time to translate the text on scans.


Updated racing page. F1 event was pretty surprising. I recommend taking a look at the summary. 
The manga page is going to be updated as well.


Here's a summer day schedule from me:
13:30 - getting up
13:45 - breakfast
14:00 - learning Japanese
18:00 - lunch
18:15 - browsing the Net
19:00 - taking a break to watch a news program
19:30 - getting back to the pc
21:00 - if possible learn a little more Japanese. Occasionally I read manga instead.
22:00 - dinner
22:15 to 00:00 or 1:00 - going for a walk
1:15 to 3:00 - watching TV/playing games
3:00 - going to bed.


Hello! I'm ok, wrote a few words about the latest F1 event. Also, I'm working on scans and the manga section.


Updated info about myself. Also please check for the latest racing report. Thanks, Nick


Updated info about F1 racing. Added an exclusive wallpaper page. The link is also available from the gaming section. Mind that the page is in Japanese encoding (shift-jis).


Sorry for being absent for quite some time. I just can't seem to keep track of all the events and report in time. Please bear with me.
Today is a racing weekend. If you check the racing section you'll see that there are two races this very day. They are DTM and F1. What is good is that they do not overlap because F1 race takes place at 21:30 Moscow time while DTM broadcast can be watched in the daytime. That is due to the fact that F1 is now in the US. See the corresponding page for more details.


I've just prepared a short overview of the package with Japanese stuff see below and created a special page featuring the Kimikisu guide book


I'm busy with the update. I've already uploaded the full version of サクラ大戦V ~さらば愛しき人よ~ cd for you to appreciate it.
I seriously intend to present a review of キミキス game along with all the additional materials I have.
A special page dedicated to my purchases is going to be introduced as well.


Hello! It's been a while, really. I'm here with the latest news from me.
First I've graduated from the uni! I'm happy with my achievement. In this regard I'll have to update the info about myself. 
Next, I haven't solved the problem of free time. This means all my projects are postponed. Still I'll try my best to give as much info as possible in the time I have in my disposal.
Recently I've received two packages, from Tokyo and from Hong Kong. This is what they contain:

  •  TECH GIAN (テックジャイアン) 2006年 07月号 [雑誌]
  •  コンプティーク 2006年06月号 [雑誌]
  •  電撃G'smagazine (デンゲキジーズマガジン) 2006年 07月号 [雑誌]
  •  XXXHOLiC 2 (2) KCデラックス
  •  XXXHOLiC 4 (4)
  •  XXXHOLiC 3 (3) KCデラックス
  •  XXXHOLiC 5 (5)
  •  ツバサ―Reservoir chronicle (13)
  •  サクラ大戦 漫画版 1 (1)
  •  サクラ大戦V ~さらば愛しき人よ~ ボーカルコレクション 紐育歌謡全集

By tradition, each item will be discussed and commented by me in the manga section.
Lastly, I'm happy to announce that I got the long awaited キミキス game. It's great and the only thing left to do is to learn Japanese and find time to play it. I have plans to scan a 100 page manual that came as a bonus for Tech Gian magazine (see above).


キミキス was released on schedule. Interestingly at the moment it is not available at the official Eb!store in Japan but you can find it on ebay.com and at an online shop where I've placed an order.
F1 news. This weekend you have a chance to watch Grand Prix Monaco, that should be fun.


racing page. キミキス is running for release tomorrow, 05/25.


Hello!  Surprising as it may seem but I managed to prepare a small update though I'm still struggling to pass the exams. Now, the update deals with a very nice game called Kingdom Hearts II. I received it a long time ago but the information I'd like to present can be of interest to those living in Europe who didn't have the chance to play it. The European release is scheduled for May 26 while the Japanese and American versions are in stores since Dec 22 and March 16 respectively. Click here to read the article.
Major updates are planned to be made in a month if I make it through this hell.


Hi, I'm getting on fine. Added a minor update to the racing page. The thing is that I have numerous exams to take in the following months. The updates have to wait. Still please note that the project is in no way going to be closed due to absence of ideas. With additional funds I plan to get more interesting stuff and I'll have a lot to talk about.


Hello! I'm taking and passing exams gradually. Besides I was sick for several days to the extent I thought i was gonna die.死ぬところだった。Things are a little bit better now and I'm going to add up news  to the racing section. Also I'm happy to inform you that I've discovered a nice online shop that sells the game I'm interested in, キミキス to be exact. The only thing left to do is to make it to the game release date which is set for 2006/05/25.  Anything can change in such a long period so stay tuned to be informed of any changes.


Hi there. Long time no see. You can guess what I'm gonna say to you, 'no time for updates' and you'll be right. I imagine how tired you must feel when hearing the words like "I'm busy studying" or "I'm busy taking exams". There's nothing I can do about it. Once again I say I'm busy taking exams. You see I'm always busy. When I study I have plenty of homework to do and no time for leisure. When I'm taking exams its even worse because the more info I manage to comprehend and memorize the better results I have. 
For now there's only a small update on racing and wallpapers page.


Happy 8 March, girls!


I made myself into updating the racing section and it was tough but i succeeded and added numerous new features such as reports on every WRC event and the schedule for both Formula 1 and DTM races.


From now on there's a normal looking gaming section with a list of titles and corresponding links, everything's done for your convenience and easy navigation. The problem is that so far I have just two articles and absolutely no information regarding other titles which means there's a lot to be done. I'm currently busy translating the article regarding Kimi kiss.


Just scanned a preview and translated a paragraph of the game called キミキス. There are some megakawaii girls so I decided to read about this game as well as present materials on my site.
Secondly the 3rd stage of WRC is held in Mexico this weekend starting on March 3. I guess I'll write some sort of a report in the racing section of the site. Stay tuned and happy holidays to you.


Sorry I'm a little bit in a hurry, I came by just for a second to make a small update of the music page. I'm typing this while I have a lotta homework to do for the class of English. This time I arranged the songs more logically as well as uploaded revised version of my piano tunes. 
As always I'm grateful to those of you who come to have a look at my site. I'm very sorry to admit that under such circumstances I cannot possibly update this site every day but please don't forget about its existence as I'm determined to keep this site alive and full of new contents.


OK, I've prepared a few scans and I'm gonna add a third manga page to write about the stuff I got there. Click here to get to the destination. The overview turned out to be interesting. Please have a look.
Updated the music section. The compositions are now edited in a computer program for better sounding. Replaced the names of Sakura Taisen album given in romaji with kanji. Added previously unreleased songs to my piano collection.


Happy St. Valentine's day!
Today I've received a package full of interesting stuff from Hong Kong.
The package contains:

  • Kingdom Hearts II (japanese version)
  • 週刊ファミ通 2/10号 (a japanese videogame magazine)
  • ファミ通 Wave Feb. (a videogame magazine with a DVD addition)
  • various other things

I'm very sorry  cannot provide a detailed review of the game nor can I tell you about the magazines. I'll do my best to find time to put scans in the gallery and comment on my purchase. Please stay tuned and wait for an update.


As you can see I'm trying to keep my site alive but currently I'm studying and there's little time to think of some additions to my site.
Recently I've finished reading vol 11 and 12 of Tsubasa manga books (see below) I got in a package on 1/12/2006. I found vol 12 very exiting to read. You can try to find scans on the net but I highly recommend having a printed copy.
I've added a second page to manga section specially dedicated to Tsubasa manga with a few scanned pages there. Enjoy.
Also I forgot to add any pictures from Sakura Taisen 3 art book I have. I've scanned the cover featuring 'megakawaii' Erica on it.
You can find it in manga and wallpaper sections.


Updated info regarding autosports and put new versions of the instrumentals in the music section.


I'm here with MUSIC UPDATE!!!
With just a week at my disposal I could record no more than a few compositions but they are instrumental versions of SAKURA TAISEN songs. I suggest you download and enjoy listening. Its worth the time spent on it!


Major updates are yet to follow or at least they are planned. I've placed another order, this time its about gaming stuff. Also to my surprise the shop where I make occasional purchases from now sells famitsu magazine, a video game magazine popular in Japan. I ordered an issue to have a look at it. Since it's purely Japanese stuff you can read about games released exclusively for Japan and from my experience you can come across really interesting things you'd never think of.
The report about the purchase will likely be published here at my site next week as soon as I have the package in my possession. I'd be glad to include photos and scans.
Another topic I'm interested in is cars as well as autosports. Living in Russia I miss a great deal of information regarding championships in the US and Japan but some events which take place in Europe are broadcast live on tv and in a form of an overview as well.
I decided to add a separated page for this purpose, it'll be called racing.
Old information is moved from the main page to the archive. I don't want this page to be overloaded with text.


The winter session is over. I've passed the exams with all exc marks.  I'm on vacations if only for a week. I must say I really need to have a break so please don't  expect tons of new materials on my site.


First, I came only for a sec. News about my life and projects will be posted LATER. Now I'm passing EXAMS in the uni, I'm pretty busy.
Strange as it may seem but all the pages here need linking. While writing at a russian forum i dedided to show ppl a message with kanji since it was impossible to use them in the thread. For those ppl who came from the forum i put the link here


Hi I'm alive, no problem here. The problem is I'm very busy. Still I found a few spare minutes because I have a burning issue. Sakura Wars games are under attack
From what i heard Sakura Taisen games are gonna be released in Russia. The information is not confirmed and the platform is unknown but im already feeling down. I guess this russian release will happen due to the increasing popularity of the game outside Japan. I considered these games something rare and very hard to get since they are for japan only and now this news. The worst thing is that the local releases are always tranlated. that is sakura will be in russian. You know that any tranlation is bad but here the translations are horrible. While im a patriot, first of all im the fan of all japanese stuff and im sure it ll be some sort of adaptation. If you remember i pointed out in my 'linguistic reference' article that some aspects cannot be translated at all (pronouns, honorifics besides the game is full if references to certain events and traditions the japanese ppl and fans are well aware of). So with a few exceptions the interpreters in russia are not qualified. I have a translated japanese book where the work of interpreters is superb but it was released back when there was soviet union and all that stuff. the games are a thing such ppl dont pay much attention to. this concerns the voice actors too. What reassures is that the latest ST 5 that i wrote a review about is still an exclusive japanese release for ps2.
On the other hand, Im expecting some progress with the fan translation at gamefaqs.com, i appreciate the work of those ppl much more. they seem to be keen on such thing.
ps. i have exams in 2 days starting from monday. We had a week off for preparations and now we;re back to studies again.
Updated the 'lingustic reference section'. I've added 2 news items to the list of pronouns.


Hello! I've been absent for many days but I'm gonna make up for it with a huge number or updates!
Firstly I recorded 2 compositions, the quality of recording is traditionally low but my playing skill is even worse. Still I thought that it's better than nothing. Please check the music section
Secondly I received a package from Tokyo a few days ago with several interesting items:

  •  サクラ大戦 ピアノ弾き語り歌謡全集 ゲーム・ミュージック
  •  サクラ大戦3 巴里は燃えているか 原画&設定資料集
  • サクラ大戦 巴里前夜〈2〉
  • ツバサ―Reservoir chronicle (11)
  •  ツバサ―Reservoir chronicle (12)

Please follow this link to learn about each item in detail
I opened up 2 pages - anime and manga. It had to happen someday cuz I planned  it from the beginning.
I added a few scans on different pages as well. On the whole, that took me quite a while to compile all the materials. Enjoy!


I translated another wonderful song from ST Complete song box, this time its Disc 7, track #6, it is called Hanagumi Revue. You can download the song and read the lyrics here. My translation needs polishing, you're welcome with suggestions.
This site allows to keep large files and i decided to upload mp3s there.
Also, im working on the anime and manga sections - you see there are no links still at the navigation bar.

12-31-2005 23.59.... 1-1-2006!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to everybody

Please, accept my sincere wishes


OK, now I officially present track #5 from Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box, disc 3. I present you the lyrics along with my translation here


Let me present you a Christmas song from Sakura Taisen Complete Song Box. I think its very nice

It's available in 2 variants - high and low quality

1. this link and 

2. this link




I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates but under current state of affairs I'm physically not able to manage everything including the updates of my site. Still it's alive and I must say there are some sites there you can see messages like "10.01.2004 ...we're working on the program you're all interested in... ... ... 25.10.2005 ... hey guys you know we're making progress in our business...". Yeah thats how it is. 
So I've managed to some extent to write an add-on to my "Linguistic reference".  I've put it further below the page. If you're familiar with the first part feel free to scroll right over it. So follow this link to see an update.


Hello!! Surprised to see an update from me? so am I. I made a new wall and scanned a sketch for it (for archiving purposes). For this occasion i opened a second wallpaper page


Sorry for the lack of updates. I've put all materials i intended to show you. Any additional work requires time. Personally i'm doing just fine. No worries here.


Ok, i managed to write a very long article about the Japanese language. I hope you'll find it interesting because i really wanted it to be cool. Spent a lot of time on it. Please enjoy reading by clicking here


Redesigned the music section. I put the album files separately. People with broadband connect can use a download manager to grab the files in one click while those using modem ( i doubt there are a lot of them left) can schedule their downloads.


Moved to a new server, here I can keep any files which is very convenient. Now it's available (and I hope it'll be for quite a while) at http://nikorai1.narod.ru/.
There are important updates in music section as well as wallpapers.


While looking thru the review I submitted I was shocked by the general inconsistence and simplistic manner of writing. I was combining studies with composing the review so it turned out to be rather poorly made. So mistakes were noted and corrected. I hope it sounds just a little bit more convincing.
updated wallpaper section, it turned out i had one more scan on Tsubasa Chronicles.

My page is running in a test mode. Since I'm not familiar with web design or programming for now I'm just trying to understand how it works. In future I plan to add information on Sakura Taisen games as well as lyrics. There are difficulties with music since I chose a free domain. As soon as I get a fee domain I'll be able to keep mp3 files on the site.
You might like to check the forum to discuss topics you like. My forum is empty yet.


Currently I'm busy passing exams. I'll have more time after 21/11/05

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