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Hello. I'm making another update which I mentioned at the front page. Of course, I shopped at amazon again. worked great as always. My items were delivered in several days and it went very smoothly. Even the infamous customs agency worked very fast this time. The only thing is that my limited budget didn't allow me to buy everything I planned but c'est la vie.


Anyways, let's take a closer look at what I got. The merchandise inside is intact. You can confirm it by looking at the pictures below.


The stuff in the box looks like this:


And the stuff pulled of of the box looks like this:


I personally like this picture very much. The purchases look marvelous, to my mind.

And looking at each item in particular we got the following picture.


1. DREAM C CLUB(ドリームクラブ) ZERO


Just as the picture above shows it, I got Dream Club Zero. The game was released back in January but for various reasons I couldn't get it earlier. Speaking of the game itself, it is a prequel to Dream Club, the game that I liked and spent lots of time playing it. I have no idea when I'm gonna start playing the new one because my schedule now is quite different from what it used to be. The art on the front cover is pretty cute, and I've heard some very positive feedback for the game. So getting a copy was a decided question. The bad thing is that I also planned to get idolmaster 2 which was released in February. But I had only $200 at my disposal and im@s didn't fit into this sum. You can say that I chose Dream Club girls over Chihaya and Co. How bad of me. By the way, the box is the first-print edition,  it features a bonus content which you can get at xbox marketplace. I'll have to check it.


2. マリッジロワイヤル 7 (電撃コミックス)


This is Manga. This section is called Manga because it is indeed about manga. Don't be confused by the fact that the section is just about anything else as well. But it is also about what the topic says. If you check the previous pages you can notice that I've collected all the volumes of Marirowa published so far. Indeed, the manga is very cute and the plot is very funny. I couldn't go past it. They say that this volume is the last one.


3. マリッジロワイヤル-Prism Story 1 (電撃コミックス)


This is sort of a continuation of the previous item. The author is different. The design is significantly worse but I've yet to find out if it's readable.


4. アニメ文化外交 (ちくま新書)


This is a book titled "Diplomacy through anime culture". The author is Sakurai-san, the person who organized the festival of Japanese culture in Moscow and AKB concert in particular. I had an honor to meet and talk to him. So I decided to buy a book to know the attitude toward the phenomenon from the Japanese point of view


5. 卓球王国 2011年 04月号 [雑誌], 卓球王国 2011年 05月号 [雑誌]

I got two magazines about pingpong. The reason to buy was to know how Kasumin is doing. She won a national championship this year so I think she's doing good. Also, there's a local community interested in table tennis. I'm sure they'll be happy to read the translations if I come to doing them.


Now let's turn to my main obsession. I got 3 CDs.


1. シングルV「Danceでバコーン!」 [DVD]


"Dance de bakoon" by C-ute. The single was released last year. The picture on its cover is great, imo. So I decided to take the disc.


2. まじですかスカ!(初回限定盤D)(DVD付)


 This is Morning Musume and their latest single. Of course their line-up now is not the best but it's still those Momusu that  hit the top of the charts back then. And they still have Sayumin.



This is Mayuyu. "Running through corridors" released a super-cute clip for an old song "Valentine Kiss" (see Kokusho Sayuri in the music section). Obviously I couldn't go past this. And it'll be the second disc by Mayuyu and Co in my collection.



Girlfriend in your mobile phone. This is a movie starring Airi (and Taketomi Seika). I've already watched it. The movie is very nice. The DVD box features the disc itself and a paper card with a picture of Airi on it. This card is exclusive for the first print. Apart from the movie itself the disc offers a "making movie" section. This is basically bonus materials, including interviews with actors and footage from the filming location. I found it very interesting as well.


5. UTB (アップ トゥ ボーイ) 2011年 04月号 [雑誌]

This is an absolutely awesome magazine. It's an April issue but it was released back in February. The information is slightly outdated because it was published before the earthquake but other than that the magazine is fantastic. And I have a feeling it's better than memew although it's cheaper. If you're into the idol scene you'll see a lot of familiar faces here and the girls look great on these photos. I was also happy to realize that I'm able to read the interviews without looking up words in the dictionary. To make things easier I've scanned the whole issue.

You can get it here:

But to tell the truth the scans are nothing compared to the paper version. That's why I highly recommend getting your own copy.

So, that's about it. I personally greatly enjoyed my latest shopping. I hope that you found my report useful.  


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