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As you could read on the frontpage I've got more interesting items to show. This time it is games for PS2.




-Final Fantasy XII

-サクラ大戦V EPISODE 0~荒野のサムライ娘~

-THE お姉チャンポン~THE姉チャン2特別編


I was thinking what I need most and finally I decided I'd buy these ones. I'm collecting both ff and sakura taisen games so I thought it'd a nice addition to the titles i already have.


As you know I got a package from Japan about two weeks ago but couldn't find time to write a report and present the scans. Finally I passed my exam and got my hands on the package. I've made quite a number of photos and scans, I hope you won't be disappointed.

You could read a brief enumeration of the items in the box. Now let's take a closer look at each of them.


This is the pack itself:



And this is the contents:

shot1 shot2



コンプティーク 2007年 06月号

comp6 konata kona_back


コンプティーク 2007年 07月号

comp7fr comp_back



Comptiq #06 offers a booklet about the game 'Touka Gettan' as a bonus. Issue #07 features heroines from LuckyStar and has a cute phone strap in it. I immediately attached it to my cellular. I use Nokia 7250, it has been with me for 5 years already. I think I need to change it for a new one but I'm ok with this one as long as it works. Also it fits the strap color. Anyways take a look at the photos.


keitai nokia7250


コンプセレクションズ Vol.3 まるごと1冊D.C.II SpringCelebration

ダ・カーポ2スプリングセレブレーション 大特集 !


This is Comptiq special vol.3. After a quick look I can tell you there's a lot to read. Circus has made some important announces of their future works. Among other things I can say there will be a special game for PlayStation2  in Da Capo series.

You could notice I greatly appreciate these magazines. The previous one which was dedicated to Really?really! was plain awesome. If you feel like checking it again you can always find the scans and comments in this section. You also get a 'fun box' or お楽しみ宝箱. Inside you can find a mouse pad and some sort of a flag which looks like a cloth sheet and has a picture of Yume-chan, almost fullsize.

dcscm yume


電撃G'smagazine (デンゲキジーズマガジン) 2007年 07月号



G's magasine comes along with 2 sticker posters. What is of note is the manga chapters serialized in this magazine. There are some pretty nice titles and it is a pity I can't afford to buy these magazines on a regular basis.

noumi komari

Noumi and Komari.


ツバサ 18 豪華版―RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 


I keep track of the latest releases of manga from CLAMP so I just couldn't miss volume 18.


To Heart2~colorful note 1



I thought it would be nice to add this manga to the pack.


So I guess that's about it. I think the items are worth the money spent on it. When browsing the site I was about to add many more things but I restrained myself. Overall it cost me just over 11000 yen. It's not expensive at all of you take into account the delivery charges which make up half of the sum.

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