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So, finally, the long-awaited overview of my recent shopping. I got quite a lot of stuff this time around. Obviously for the most part it's all entertainment. However there are a few books which could be used for educational purposes. For example, the brown and red book at the top of the pile is a dictionary of idioms.



キミキス オフィシャルコンプリートガイド (ファミ通の攻略本)


I like this game a lot and I simply couldn't pass by this guide. Actually, back when we were discussing the game at animesuki forums one guy copied notes regarding the matching conversation. So, this book gives answers and to what topics should be brought into discussion at various points in the game. Of course, this type of walkthrough is very spoilerific but it can surely save the day when you miss some important game events and can't seem to find the proper moment in the game when it occurs. Various bonus materials as well as the comments from the developers are also worth taking a look at.



memew vol.39 (39)


A person from the local forums suggested buying something different from traditional anime stuff, preferably a magazine. So I thought, well, yes, why not to give it a try. It features lots of photos and comes along with a bonus DVD.


アイドルマスター relations 限定版


As much as I want to get an Xbox 360 with Idolm@ster there's no chance I can do it in the near future. However, buying various stuff along the way is no problem. This manga was recommended to my by M. Ichikyo who I happened to get acquainted with. Indeed, the manga proves to be very nice. To get the most of it I ordered a limited edition. It is actually quite rare and it's a wonder that I managed to find the book at and they had it in stock at the time I placed my order with them. The limited edition goes along with a drama CD.




例解 慣用句辞典―言いたい内容から逆引きできる


As the name suggests, it is a Japanese-Japanese dictionary of idioms, with an option of reverse word look-up. Thousands of useful expressions in one place.





This is a guide book for Idolm@ster game. It's very huge, spoilerific and comes along with very cute art. To my surprise I found arrangements for the whole pack of songs featured in the game. The scores themselves are done in a strange way. The thing is that these are the full orchestra arrangements for 10-15 instuments. I highly doubt that a normal person who takes interst in anime goods and easily hire a band of musicians to play the songs. However, with some imagination the music can be adapted for the piano which makes things much better. I'll make sure to record a few pieces when I find time for that.


GALAXY ANGEL キャラクターファイル03「ミント・ブラマンシュ」


This is one of the best character song in Galaxy Angel series so I simply couldn't pass it by. For demonstration purposes I uploaded mp3 versions of the tracks and made additional scans of the booklet. You can find them page 3 under music section.



もえたん Methodology of English, The Academic Necessity [新装版] [単行本]


The the name suggests that this book has something to do with English. It does. This is a sort of English textbook for Japanese people, supposedly anime fans. Surely it completely fails in terms of a textbook but other than that it's very nice. Needless to say that it features tons of Japanese, and you get quite nice art along with it. If you watched the anime which is actually based on this book, you already know the plot. Nijihara Ink, a high school students takes a particular interest in her classmate who is a guy. He doesn't know that but he's terrible at English and so Ink decides to teach him at least some English. Surely, she can't simply go to his place and and say 'hi, wanna learn some English?' so she finds another way to get to him. Don't be surprised but she becomes a magical girl, or a magical teacher, to be precise. That way the guy (his name is Ota-kun) doesn't recognize Ink and as such she has a great chance to pay a visit to his place every now and then. Though it needs to be pointed out that at first the things don't go as smoothly as Ink would like them to.

The book is divided into 13 lessons, each one featuring a pack of English words with translation into Japanese along with examples. The words seem to be chosen at random. When the words are memorized you can read a small portion of the story in Japanese at the end of the lesson.

Obviously you can't learn English with that but it works quite nicely if you decide to do some back-translation. Japanese people reasonably point out that the English translation is very inaccurate but this would be a good chance to check your knowledge of Japanese. I personally have already looked through lesson one and the book proved to be quite complicated for my level in terms of Japanese.



コンプティーク 2008年 07月号


Traditionally I buy several game magazine to stay tuned with the latest trends. Comptiq #7 once again has 'Oretsuba' on its cover page and the feature article inside. Apart from that you can find many other interesting titles which are potentially worth taking a look at. You cal also notice a few new games in Da Capo universe, including the ps2 version of Da Capo 2 and two PC titles, D.C. After Seasons and C.D.C.D.2.


電撃G's Festival (ジーズフェスティバル) 2008年 07月号


This is a theme magazine and the cover suggests it's main topic is Da Capo. it goes along with several bonus items including a huge sheet with Nanaka, a mouse pad, and a notepad.



電撃G'smagazine (デンゲキジーズマガジン) 2008年 08月号


The feature article of this month's G's magazine is Little Busters. The issue goes along bith a bonus figurine of Sasami (too etchi to show a close-cap picture). Another article which is an absolutely must-read is the interview with Noto 'Notomami' Mamiko. I have already made the scans and translated the text. I'll have to open a separate page which will be dedicated to Nogizaka Haruka anime to share this interview with you as well.


ツバサ 22 豪華版―RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (22) (少年マガジンコミックス)  


Last point is this shopping report is Tsubasa Chronicles. Lately I don't have much spare time so the books tend to pile up on the shelves but I simply can't miss the latest volumes now that I have already bought 21 books. Unfortunately I didn't have time to wait for volume 24. It was release a week after I put my order with



This is about all for this time. Thank you for your attention.




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