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Now this page looks more like a hardware section. The picture I'd like to show is the result of my latest shopping. This is a new microphone (AKG D77 S) which I'll be using from now on to make recordings in better quality. And it's like heaven and earth if you compare it to my previous Panasonic microphone. It's a huge step to a decent sound from your speakers. Of course, a truly professional microphone costs much more than those $70 I paid for the mike, around 2k dollars. But I'm happy with what I have. Besides, this AKG performs quite well at home. Assuming that my skill at playing the piano is terrible I think this should be quite enough for my needs.


The pictures and scans you see below come back from 2008. I made them at the time when I received my package from Hong Kong, the last to the moment, which was sometime in November. Earlier in August I also had a hardware upgrade, and I made pictures as well. So, the materials were piling up throughout the year and I finally came to uploading them.

First of all, I have this picture of my Sony VAIO VGN-FW11ER. It quickly becomes outdated but this absolutely awesome display with 16:9 aspect ratio makes the day.



The other thing to show is the Hong Kong package contents.

You've probably noticed a mention about online shopping back at the front page, so here's the list of what I bought again:

- 乃木坂春香の秘密 こすぷれ、はじめました
- 零~紅い蝶~ 




乃木坂春香の秘密 こすぷれ、はじめました










The games are yet to be played. Just like the site update I was putting them aside for quite some time now. The good thing is that a few days ago I managed to get back to Kimikiss and played through Narumi-chan's story. So, if it goes like this I'll be able to get to Haruka and Crimson Butterfly too.

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