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コンプセレクションズ 1冊まるごとReally ? Really ! 2006年 12月号 [雑誌]

This magazine is just awesome. It has high quality pictures and contains interesting information on games from Navel, particularly Really? Really!, Shuffle!, and Tick! Tack!. Take a look at this nice cover:

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It goes with a bonus in a package. You'll find a clock and a mouse pad there.

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It's a Japanese textbook which my teacher recommended. Unfortunately there are no translation excercises and I feel like I need something more complicated.

TECH GIAN (テックジャイアン) 2007年 02月号 [雑誌]

A new issue of the 'etchi' magazine published by Enterbrain. The main reason to buy it was to get the CD with omake (bonus) for Kimikiss game that I'm a fan of.


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TECH GIAN (テックジャイアン) 2006年 07月号 [雑誌]

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Released on 5/20 it features all major releases of 'etchi' games for Windows platform. The reason to my it was an absolutely fantastic bonus book and a cd dedicated to the game キミキス. The book is called a manual and it is a 100 page leaflet featuring game hints and also contains awesome art, character profiles and interviews with voice actors aka seiyuu. The magazine is read from left to right, European style. If you'd like to know I plan to scan the whole book and upload all the wallpapers from the disc as it is a thing to see.

  • キミキス Game
  • Now comes the most interesting part. It's about Kimikisu. The game I've been waiting for so long is finally here, thanks goes to for providing the opportunity to get it. I intent to provide as much info as possible on the pages of this site, notably in the gaming section.
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コンプティーク 2006年 06月号 [雑誌]

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A game and anime magazine containing manga chapters and a guide to all the latest releases. Interestingly it is purely Japanese style which means the back is on the right.

電撃G'smagazine (デンゲキジーズマガジン) 2006年 07月号 [雑誌]

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This magazine is dedicated to anime style games on major platforms, notably PS2. As all the magazines I bought so far it is very thick, more that 380 pages. The hits of the month are D.C.II and Fate/Stay night.


A package I ordered from Hong Kong. Contains the ff:

Kingdom Hearts

A lot of people say the game is great and that it is one of the best from SquareEnix so I couldn't help buying it. Nowadays I rarely buy games and until recently my collection of Japanese titles was nothing more than 3 Sakura Taisen games. Here they are:

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Now I present you a very nice art from the DVD cover:

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I only had a chance to watch the intro movie. I must say it looks fascinating. Once again, Square proved to be an expert in producing high-quality animation.

The plot is not really clear to me as I didn't play the first game in the series. A review from me is yet to follow since I just can't possibly find time to study, update the site, translate materials from japanese, write my thesis and do all other things at once.

週刊ファミ通 2/10号 (

Author's note: Copying and any form of reproduction are prohibited. Thereby I state that the copyright of presented scans belongs to Enterbrain, inc.

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As the name suggest this is a weekly magazine about videogames. I got my package with a huge delay and as a result I'm falling behind the schedule with the review. This issue is dates 1/27 and 2 newer issues are available now. I found the magazine very informative. It mentions both latest releases and games published in 2005. Another problem is my lack of knowlegde of the language. Unlike Tsubasa manga with furigana articles in Japanese are a bit difficult to read.

Also I wanted to put some scans from it for there are some games and materials that can be found only in Famitsu.

One of the highlighted articles is an interview with Mr Gackt. He turned out to participate in the development of Digre of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, another game from SquareEnix released this February. From what I understood one of his songs is presented in the game, besides Gackt became a prototype for one of the characters.

There are a few pictures of Gackt in the magazine, I decided to scan a photo for you to have a look at. I know that this guy has quite a fanbase around the globe.

mr_gackt.jpg (3170467 bytes)

I've translated the text on the scan. It means the following to some extent:

"Two stories unite

An interview with Gackt

The world presented in Final Fantasy VII and the world "Moon Saga" depicted by Gackt now unite in a magnificent story. What for was it done? Gackt personally tells you about this."

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