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Hello. It's about gaming this time. A new package has just arrived safely from Hong Kong. works great as usual. It's a very reliable company and I'm happy to be their customer. They've boon helping me for 3 years ever since Lik-sang was closed. Actually my first try was not successful. Back at the time they didn't want to process my credit card explaining that "they didn't work with Russians." And I wanted to order Sakura Taisen from them but ended up getting it from NYC instead.

Today Russia is a tiny bit more respectable in the world so their attitude changed to completely opposite. The logic behind this is simple. The country has money, so it is respected. If not, then nobody wants to deal with you no matter how good you are.


Dream C Club (ドリームクラブ)


So, this is how it looks.



I've also prepared a separate page for this game. I'll expand the section when I have the opportunity to actually play the game.


And once again, please expect an update here. The second part of my order is on its way. By my estimation I should get it in just a fey days.



You could notice that I got the second part of my order from play-asia. The package arrived safely.

I got games again. This time they are Amagami for ps2 and idolm@ster for Xbox 360.





This is the game that I bought a guidebook for. I hope to start playing it soon. Though I'll also have to decide what I'm gonna do with xbox games.



I assume im@s doesn't need a special introduction. It's a great game and that's about all one needs to know. Released back in 2007 it's still as good as new. I think that this is the kind of game which you can play even many years after the release and it'll still be interesting and up-to-date. I think that you can compare it with Sakura Taisen. If you didn't play it you missed a lot.



I received my latest package several days ago but I got so addicted to Dream Club that I couldn't get to writing to you. Sorry for that.
You can congratulate me. After all these years I finally did it. I bought im@s and a Japanese Xbox 360 (箱○). So, as I mentioned before everythings from play-asia. On the whole I ordered 3 packages from them and everything arrived in perfect condition.
The price I paid for the console itself was simply outrageous for me. In Japan Xbox Arcade now costs only 18.000 yen (aka 一万八千円) but the Chinese guys are selling it for $290. Then I had to pay 200 dollars more for shipment. And finally, we have 220 volts circuit here, and the console is supplied with a 110v AC adapter. So I had to get a stepdown converter in addition. But on the other hand, everything works great and I think that its absolutely worth the money I spent on it. The only disappointing thing for me now is that I only have SDTV, and after spending such a big sum Im absolutely broke. But Ive already checked how it looks with my 39" projection TV. Another option is a 10 years old Sony CRT display. Unfortunately its 4:3 but it does produce a 1080p picture.

So, now let's look at what I have.

The package with the console wasn't very big. The postal package had a "Handle with care" inscription on it written with a blue marker pen. It's very nice, of course, but honestly people here don't read English so I think that the loaders didn't bother a single bit about how fragile the contents are. The box for the console itself was carefully packed in bubble wrap. And there was some foam for additional cushioning but in very small amounts. I'm lucky that everything arrived in one piece, and there was nothing smashed.

How does the wrap with air bubbles called correctly?
- It is called 'work has come to a halt'...


I still think that the box isn't really suitable for sending it by post over 5000 kilometers.


Everythings in Japanese here which is great.
The inscriptions say that you can have a unique game experience enjoying a fantastic participation effect, which is achieved through 5.1 sound, HD, and a wireless controller with a force-feedback function. Its also mentioned that now many games are republished in the form of a platinum edition and are sold with a significant discount so you have a chance to make quite a big collection of them.

You can make a media center of your xbox 360.

And it's said that xbox 360 is the entertainment for the whole family. Actually I wouldnt like to have people around when Im playing my games.

Now I I put everything that was inside the box on the desk.


Theres a 110v adapter, as I already mentioned.


I use this converter (made in China) to make it work 


The box also has a LAN cable but it's very short. My TV is on the other side of the place of Internet connection.
It is also supposed that you attach your xbox 360 with a composite cable. No, thank you. Ill refrain from doing that. Instead of doing such a crazy thing I bought a component and VGA cables.
Then we have a controller (joystick) 1 piece. And a battery, 2 pieces.

Now, the console itself.

It's fool-proof. The disc tray has an explanatory note on it -
Please do not move the console with a disc inside.


The menu has a multi-language support, including Russian but I stick to Japanese (or maybe you'd prefer el portugues?).
I liked very much the wireless controller. It can switch your console on and off remotely.


On the whole it's much more advanced than ps2. The console is also very quiet. Considering the fact that its much more powerful than the ps2 its fans are only a little bit louder than those of the slim ps2. But when the DVD drive is working the walls in the apartment begin to tremble. There's an optional HDD sold separately. I should consider getting it because it's possible to keep copies of DVDs right on  the hard drive which is very convenient as it is, and it completely solves the problem of additional noise.


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