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Tsubasa ツバサ - Reservoir Chronicle

Vol. 17

By this time most of the problems are dealt with but unfortunately Fai was seriously wounded during the fight with an evil Shaoran which brings additional trouble to the group. Who's the evil Shaoran, you might ask. It turned out there are 2 Shaorans, the normal one and a copy created by the wizard.

Finally Sakura's on the stage. This time she was sent on a dangerous trip by Yuko-san and was also injured but she managed to get out alive.

Here are some scans with Sakura fighting cave inhabitants.

On this picture Sakura's shooting monsters with a handgun. The effect is equal to using artillery. I'm still wondering what kind of ammo she had.

vol17p146147.jpg (3006204 bytes)

vol17p148.jpg (1377847 bytes)   vol17p153.jpg (1188988 bytes)

Vol. 16

It's time for action! A lot of new information is given in regard to Shaoran and Feiwan, an evil magician. The plot takes unexpected turns and advances ahead. Unfortunately we don't see Sakura very often. She was asleep for most of the time.

Vol. 15

There's nothing much to see in this volume. You'll find a detailed description of the world where the travelers stay at the moment.

Vol. 14

vol12_scan1.jpg (3224351 bytes)

This is an awesome book. The plot here takes unexpected turns.

vol14p3.jpg (970313 bytes)

vol14cha102.jpg (1337605 bytes)   vol14_p166.jpg (491622 bytes)

Close to the end of this volume the party teleports to a sandy land. There are rains of fire destroying  the buildings and hurting anyone unfortunate enough to be outsite. The travelers managed to take cover in a skyscraper-like building that seemed untouched by the storm for some reason. However they realized pretty soon that the building is inhabited by armed people who seem to kill all the strangers coming inside. Shaoran was injured.

"They are real, aren't they? Yeah, these people were killed. I'm glad mlle Sakura was asleep all this time."

Vol. 13

vol12_scan1.jpg (3224351 bytes)

The plot in this book is for the most part focused on Kurogane's past that Shaoran accidentally witnessed with a magical book

vol13p120.jpg (1478793 bytes)   vol13p160.jpg (1069498 bytes)

Vol. 12

vol12_scan1.jpg (3224351 bytes)

The group arrives in a country where technology is quite advanced. Annual racing tournaments are held there. This time the prize is an "energy battery" which turns out to be one of the feathers Sakura needs to restore her memory. After a lot of incidents and hardships Sakura manages to win the competition and the guys decide to organize a party. You can see here excited screams and shouts "lets drink lets drink". Mr. Shogo calls his friends and acquaintances to come as well. Mokona suggests lifting a ban for drinking for the night.

vol12_scan2.jpg (3341371 bytes)

On this page Shaoran already got drunk. He's practicing sword wielding holding with gloves. Mr Nokoru who is filming Shaoran says "the guy is funny when drunk"

vol12_scan3.jpg (3012122 bytes)

...the next morning Sakura woke up early because she hadn't drunk "OMG! what HAPPENED?"

Vol. 11

I bought a hardcover edition of vol. 11, it costs ?1200 but is absolutely worth the money spent on it. The book is kept in a special case with beautiful art on it. I scanned the picture from the cover for you to see.

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