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Here you're supposed to find reviews and any useful information regarding the games that happen to get in my possession. They are far from being numerous. More than that the limited amount of time doesn't allow me to write guides or any detailed plot or gameplay analysis. However if you are interested in videogames you're welcome to put notes regarding the topic in my forum.

Kingdom Hearts II ・キングダムハーツII

For now let me present some art from the front cover of the box and the user's guide along with some translation of Japanese texts.

kh_2_cover.jpg (2813302 bytes)

You could see this scan on the wallpaper page.

Also I scanned some new pictures from the game manual.

kh2_front.jpg (1413893 bytes)    kh2_page1.jpg (876408 bytes) 

And finally the page with story background and the introduction of the main characters

kh2_story.jpg (4505809 bytes)  


Sora, the main protagonist, gets separated from the people who are dear to him due to a storm breaking out suddenly. He finds himself in an unfamiliar "Outer World". And then he meets Donald and Goofy. He's told about the changes happening in the world. They decided to go on a journey together in search for the disappeared king and Sora's friends. On the way they encounter various people, live thru hardship and after all the hard work they manage to meet with the people they were looking for.
However in order to save the world the key must be left on the other side of the Door with the king and friends. When the door is closed they won't be able to meet ever again. The king tells hesitating Sora
"It's ok, don't fret. There's a door leading to the light somewhere"
Thus the 3 decided to go on another journey yet again.

.......this way a year has passed......

Sora, Donald and Goofy who are continuing their journey and the search for 'the door to the light' meet new people and old friends in various worlds. However merciless enemies appear and attack Sora&Co. Once again it turns out to be a hard and dangerous journey. Heartless, Nobodies, and finally the XIII organization. They have to make it though this to see the end of this story.

Character introduction

kh2_chars.jpg (4053564 bytes)

There's more to be added later on.

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