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This time I shopped at, the main site. First of all I needed a book on insurance for professional purposes but I also picked some other items along with it. Now let's take a look at the package.




You can see that this time there's not much stuff but each book is extremely pricy.


Plunkett's Insurance industry 


This is one of the things I needed. The book is supposed to be useful in my studies. Actually it is a reference book published annually and it contains general and financial information about the leading companies, statistic tables and comments. The main drawback is that its main focus is on the US companies and their business model and I expected to see more information about the development of insurance sphere around the globe.


Kodansha's Furigana Japanese Dictionary



This is one of the best Japanese dictionaries I've seen so far. The Japanese part of the dictionary is arranged using kana instead of romaji and this is one of the reasons you should use this dictionary and throw away the one you have. Also many entries and key words have numerous examples to illustrate their usage in context. In fact I greatly appreciate dictionaries which provide example and so far I only had English-Russian and French-Russian and French-English dictionaries that can be called useful. So this is a must-have dictionary for all learners of Japanese and I highly recommend it. This is a phonetic dictionary so one should have a kanji dictionary as well to look up words that you don't know the reading of.


Also I got a couple of blank books for keeping notes.

One is particularly notable for great design. It's quite large for comfortable writing and the paper quality is outstanding.

Handstiched Book of Kells Lined Quoniam



Ok, that is all for this time.




As you know, apart from taking interest in Japanese I'm also pursuing my studies. In hope to advance a little bit in insurance sphere I ordered 2 books from The books obviously serve purely professional needs and as such I won't get into much detail as to what peculiarities of insurance industry you can get to know of reading these books.


Handbook of Insurance and Handbook of International Insurance




I also took along this nice dictionary (a handbook!) of common Japanese phrases.

The phrases are indeed very useful and I kept in mind to share a few pages with you making scans. The comments about a Gucci scarf and thin walls are pure win, if you ask me.




This time the report is short so feel free to proceed to other pages.

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