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A new package from Japan with New Year stuff. My recent order was sent in two packages. As usual, I prepared some scans and photos for the occasion.

overview pack1

Now let's take a closer look at each item:




This is simply a collection of very nice background pictures for making awesome New Year postcards. For easier use the cd contents are enlisted in a thick book. The big advantage to this set is that you can find a suitable image for any occasion, you'd be fine to give a card to your relatives, friends and colleagues alike.


コンプティーク 2007年 12月号


comp2 comp3

Among other things this issue features a new game from Navel/Lime which is set for release some time next summer. It goes with a bonus in the form of a phone strap.


Megami MAGAZINE (メガミマガジン) 2008年 01月号

meg1 meg2

shana1 shana2

Megami turned out to be a very nice magazine for anime fans. I can't imaging why I didn't figure out to buy it earlier. There's an interview with Aya-san, an overview of anime shows which are currently on air as well as number of announcements. By the way, keep in mind a live-action movie for Higurashi no naku koro ni. The magazine is fully packed with 2-sided posters and goes along with a bonus of a plastic card. This month is features Shana. I'll be sure to scan everything.


電撃G'smagazine (デンゲキジーズマガジン) 2008年 01月号

gmag1 gs_phone

gmag3 nagisa gmag_back

There's a lot of interesting stuff in this issue. What is of particular note is an article about Fortune Arterial, a game which is gonna be released in the end of January 2008. A number of articles deserve particular attention such as materials about Fortune Arterial, Suzumiya Haruhi, Da Capo, and iDOLM@STER Live for you! I felt it necessary to scan at least some of the pages and put them under corresponding sections on this site.


TECH GIAN (テックジャイアン) 2008年 01月号


Traditionally the contents of this manazine are very suggestive however there are a number of games which look interesting, new stuff from Circus and their Da Capo brand. An interview with Nishimata Aoi is of particular note. As you know this is on of the character designers for the Shuffle! series and she's the one who created Kaede. Awesome person. I scanned the whole interview along with information about the new game called 俺たちに翼はない which is planned for release some time next summer.


コミック百合姫 2007年 12月号

hime1 hime2

The name is suggestive but there's nothing terrible inside. I might even try to read the manga.


ツバサ―RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, vol. 19 to 21

tsubasa19 tsubasa20 tsubasa21

I keep up with release schedule so I made sure to buy the latest volumes of Tsubasa manga. If found anything of partucular interest I'll be sure to post scans in the corresponding sections. In fact you can notice there's a dedicated page for this manga from CLAMP.


檄!帝国華撃団全集 and  GOLDEN☆BEST/国生さゆり SINGLES 


I just thought it might be a good idea to buy these albums along with other stuff. They seem nice to be so I took the trouble to upload mp3 using a file storage facility whick you can access through the music section. You can see for yourself if they are worth the money spent on them.


日本の美 フィルム 2008年カレンダー


calend1 calend2


The calendar turned out to be pretty awesome. I was amazed by it's quality. For a price of around y4000 you get a very huge wall calendar with extremely nice pictures in it. For better sharpness the photos are printed on plastic film which creates fantastic effect. Apart from that the calendar features European and Japanese years. Now it is actually Heisei era but for those who are not happy with that Taisho and Shouwa years are also provided. Also you can see various kanji below the dates. As far as I understood this is sort of a fortune-telling feature. Beside that all (Japanese) national and other holidays are marked and provided with names as well, it's very convenient.


Ok, I've just covered the most interesting stuff in the pack. As mentioned above the scans and music will be used to introduce new sections on my site in hopes to make it more informative. Enjoy.



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