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Anime & Game OST

I continue to share my CD collection with you. If you checked the front page you could see that I got a new package from Japan and I got three singles among other things. "Other things" are discussed in the manga section and here you'll find the scans of the CDs I mentioned. Please note that the files names are in Japanese encoding. Make sure your PC and download manager support Japanese or else you'll get broken filenames.


Remember memories [CD]
YURIA, et al


1. Remember memories
2. Happy Go Lucky Days
3. Remember memories(off vocal)
4. Happy Go Lucky Days(off vocal)


Happy Dream,Ageless Love [CD]
橋本みゆき YURIA, et al



1. Happy Dream
2. Ageless Love
3. Happy Dream(off vocal)
4. Ageless Love(off vocal)


PCゲーム「Tick! Tack!」OP主題歌 Be Ambitious,Guys! [CD]
橋本みゆき, et al



1. Be Ambitious,Guys!(橋本みゆき)
2. Pieces(橋本みゆき)
3. Be Ambitious,Guys!(off vocal)
4. Pieces(off vocal)




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